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Are you looking for Internet Marketing and Website Design expertise? Do you need proven e-commerce solutions? If so, why not seek our specialist advice today? Our expert team of IT consultants has the specialised knowledge to develop successful Online Marketing Strategies which produce powerful Internet Sales and Marketing results. From the experience already gained in the specialised field of Internet Marketing, r.e-commerce's specialists can help your business grow online now.


Managing Director - Richard Evans - Contact: 07875523209

Richard Evans

Richard has 8 years IT and e-commerce business experience and has successfully developed websites throughout his career. He is responsible for all aspects of Design, Internet Marketing, e-commerce and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Richard can be contacted directly by e-mail on richard@e-commercespecialists.com

Merlin is a specialist in e-commerce solutions and has extensive knowledge of chasing his tail to meet customer demands! He is also responsible for knocking over the waste paper bin and retrieving buscuits from the kitchen to make Richard more productive.

e-commerce Specialist - MerlinThe Dog

Merlin The Dog

E-mail Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising Specialist - Bubbles The Goldfish

Bubbles The Goldfish

Bubbles spent the early part of her career working in fair ground and has excellent knowledge of customer behaviour. She now specialises in Information Technology, e-mail Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Bubbles enjoys working in a fast moving environment and is responsible for the high water bills at r.e-commerce!

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